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WB-50 high frequency straight seam

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WB-50 high frequency straight seam



This equipment is specially used for producingΦ20-Φ60mm, δ0.8-2.75mm stainless steel straight seam welded pipe. It made by refined materials in high precision and equipped with fixed length cutting saw. The main machine includes forming, welding, sizing and straightening device. The composition of equipment is from decoiler to fixed length-cutting saw. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness.


Process of the Production Line

Raw material (strip steel roll) – Material feeding – End cutting and butt welding (hand welding) – Strip storage cage – Material feeding and forming – High frequency welding – Removing outer burr – Cooling water jacket – Fix the diameter and straightening – Cut off with flying saw – Material unloading (Manually stow and bind up) – Inspection – Storehouse




1. Diameter of welded tubes: 20mm-60mm
2. Manufacturing thickness: 0.8mm-2.75mm                           
3.the production speed: 70m/min

4. Motor power: 75KW

5. High frequency power: 150KW


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