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What Is Metal Roll Forming Machine?

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What is Metal roll forming machine? It is widely used as preliminary crushing equipment for griding system in cement industries. Because of its necessity, the quantity demand of the roll forming machinery is quite large. Thus metal roll forming machines sell well because of the proper roll forming machine price, too. Compared with other crushing equipment, metal roll forming machinery has the following features. First its commination degree is large. Usually the commination degree of common crushing machines is between five and 30, while that of the roll forming machinery is between 30 and 400. Second, the metal roll forming machine equipment can improve the grindability of the materials. According to the Bond power index test to cement clinker, the Bond power index will decrease by four or five kWh/t after the clinker being crushed by the roll forming machinery which means the clinker’s grindability has been improved greatly. Thirdly, the roll forming machinery operates under the closed circuit system consists of scatter grading device and V shaped grading device. And fourthly, the metal roll forming equipment and the system can operate continuously and steadily, also the output volume is adjustable. Because of all the advantages mentioned above and adopting roll forming machinery as preliminary commination equipment make the fine powder grinding system have the superiority of high production, low energy consumption and stead producing.

During practical usage, different roll forming machinery produced by varieties of industries have different using effects, bad or good, high or low quality of production. Some roll forming equipment’s’ quality is higher than the design ability, so the volume cannot get the expected production for a long time. It is somehow caused by the managing reason, but the basic problem is that they haven’t got the core operation skill when purchasing the products. Of course, our products won’t have such problems. Our products have high quality and we will not let you operate the machine until taught how to operate them. Also, we will provide you any help if you need.

After once crushing by the metal roll forming machine, the fine powders content that smaller than 0.08mm should be around 25% but the materials powders content feeding the roll forming machine is between 35% and 80% which differs by the equipment, so the roll forming machine should make a closed circuit system with scatter grading machine or V shaped grading machine to operate. So the materials can be selected and delivered to the roll forming machine.

To check the normality operation of metal roll forming machine, there are two standards for reference. First is the fine powder content that metal roll forming machine system provides to roll grinding system, the higher the better. Another standard is the power that roll forming machinery makes. More power means the machine works efficiently better, while less power means the machine does not work with complete efficiency and the equipment is just wasted.

So our products with high quality are good for sale.
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