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The Working Principle of Metal Roll Forming Machine

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Our company will customize the special type of metal roll forming machine which is different from the regular type product for the customers by the picture or sample that provided by the customs. Every single roll forming machine has different functions to meet different requirements. The metal roll forming machine equipment is used in fields of hardware, kitchen ware, furniture, and household application, building materials, vehicles, cooling, electrical equipment and other industries. To guarantee the processing quality, every process of the production will be watched by professional people.

The metal roll forming machine is used for forming the materials with diameter less than two millimeters. And the roll forming machine price is around 32 thousand Yuan. The metal roll forming machine is mainly used to produce TV wall mount and the processing speed is around six to eight meters per minute. The type of this roll forming machine is 80-300 that weighs eleven tons.

The common type of metal roll forming machine is produced automatically by computer. The producing line of this roll form machine is consist of material feeder, forming machine, computer controlled system and hydraulic system.

About the major technical parameter, the hydraulic oil pump is consist of Mcr14-18 and magnetic valve. The power of main motor is five point five kilowatt. The linear speed is around eight to twelve meters a minute. In the machine, the materials are driven by the hydraulic motor driven. About the electrical equipment, they are Japanese products and can be operated by automatic induction touching screen and manual button.

Here are the structure and metal roll forming machine working principle. The metal roll forming machine is composed by fifteen sets of forming machines. The roll forming machine shaft is made of 45 steel and the roll forming machine wheel is made of bearing steel. The metal roll forming machine equipment is controlled by the computer to automatically cut the materials to the data set to meet the requirements of the customs in computer after feeding material, managing materials and gradually forming materials.

There are two systems to control and operate the metal roll forming machine. One of the systems is computer controlled system and the other is hydraulic cutting system. The liquid crystal display of computer controlled system scale five point and seven inch which including Chinese and English changing program. The working principle of computer controlled system is totally controlled by the full-automatic industrial computer PLC controlling system to finely control the size of formed board, the accuracy of crushing materials and he speed of roll forming. And in the hydraulic cutting system, the mold cutting materials will be polished by Cr12 high temperature. The hydraulic cutting power is three kilowatt. And the working principle is adopting the last hydraulic cutting system to make use of the working principle of gear oil pump.
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