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The Usage of Metal Roll Forming Machine

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As an important machine in industry, to know the performance of metal roll forming machine and how to us metal roll forming machine is very important.

Metal roll forming machine is the equipment used for forming metal rolls in the construction. The metal rolls are produced by zinc plating or cold roll forming by the roll forming machine . The products of this machine are applied for prestressed concrete bridges with the empress tension method or the prestressed pore forming in the construction with large scale. The advantages of small volume, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance of metal roll forming machine make the roll forming machine suitable for centralized application in construction plant or industries. The quality of the products produced by this roll forming machine conform to the standard requirements of JG225-2007 the management of prestressed concrete used metal rolls. And the performance of sealing of the metal rolls is very good which is easy for building construction. The motor adopts infinitely variable speed transmission that improves the speed of metal roll forming and the quality of the products.

The metal roll forming machine price provided is about 54thousand Yuan which can be discussed with the customs. But the quality of the machine is guaranteed. The total weight of this roll forming machine is about ten kilograms. The constructor of the main machine is soldered by steel of 200H. There are twelve rows of the roll forming rows. The roll forming machine shaft materials are quenched by the 45# steel. The diameter of the roll forming machine shaft sized 40. The rollers material of roll forming equipment is processed by plating with 45# steel and rigid chrome.

About the adjustment and operation, we have to inspect the finished products of the machine. After the metal rolls are formed by the roll forming machine, the side shearing and fracture of the products should be inspected. And then, cut a piece of the rollers and tear the edge with hand clamp to check the closing situation of the material.

How to use the metal roll forming machine? Operating the machine accords to the guides of the machine will be fine. As the rollers are widely needed in many places, the metal roll forming machine is designed to produce that material. The metal rollers are used in the aspects of roads and railways for the construction of tunnel, culvert, bridges, channels, temporary detours, soak away pits and for repairing the culvert and tunnel. In the municipal administration construction, the, metal rolls are used for building the utility tunnel, optical cable protection and the drainage ditch. On the fields of coal mine, the products apply for constructing connotes and channels for people to transmit machinery.
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