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The Reasons Why Steel Roll Forming Machine is Best-selling

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The steel roll forming machine also called case unpacking machine, can automatically perform unpacking, forming and the blade twist under the bottom.

The Features of Steel Roll Forming Machine

Adopt the board way of vertical storage and can be supplied at any time without halt.
Adopt the packaging used at the same time and same carton size, such as when transforming the specifications of cartons, you should adjust the usage manually(the time required needs 1~2mins).
Adopt the reasonable design, suction box, molding and back over and process automatically.
Precise and durable performance of parts, operation without vibration, stable operation and long life.
Adopt PLC+HMI screen controlled with high performance, quick speed and high efficiency.
The angle length of packing tape on both ends of the cartons: 50~70mm, customizable 80、100mm can be stand-alone operations and also be used with automatic packaging line.

The Advantages of Steel Roll Forming Machine

Compared with the block machine and additional clay brick machine, raw materials of steel roll forming machine can select industrial residue: coal of the blues, gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tail slag as main raw materials, which are more environmental, energy-saving and better to recycle the waste/

This roll forming machine adopts three poles up and down pressure forming at a time. After molding, it can be immediately stacked without any brick plate, which is currently the newest type of bricks in the nation.

The cost of stand brick of this steel roll forming machine is cheap and the profit is lucrative. Taken all the necessary costa into consideration, the cost of each brick is ¥0.9, which is the twice of market price.

This steel roll forming machine adopts casting of high efficiency and high strength, special welding technology and material of manufacture with good rigidity, shock resistance and long life.

This steel roll forming machine adopts Taiwan mold vibration of hydraulic pressure forming and round-guided feeding equipment with short molding cycle, high production efficiency, high-strength quality of block close-grained and precise measurement.

This steel roll forming machine adopts integration technology of machine, electricity and liquid, making it consistent with every running cycle of equipment. As a result, the molding production is high, the stability is high and the rate of waste is low.

This steel roll forming machine is a tractor serving several purposes and can produce cement products such as porous bricks, hollow block, kerb, pavior brick, tree planting grass brick, and lattice brick of different specifications through changing moulds.

This steel roll forming machine can program the composition in accordance with the requirement of production and achieve action running such as manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically.

After the introduction of the features and advantages of steel roll forming machine, you will deeply know that why this steel roll forming machine is best-selling.
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