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The Introduction of the Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-06-20

Just like the description said, although there are less people going to ravel by boat, it is still an important transportation in some areas like the industry. Some people may have seen the boat and travelled by it. I think you must have played in the deck of the boat. You may have seen the deck as the roof panel. Then the question comes: “Can we use the roof panel roll forming machine to do the deck?” My answer is obvious no. Why? Following, I will tell you about it.

1. First, start from the material. As we all know that the material of the roof is the iron and the concrete. But, do you know about the material which is going to make the deck? The material of the deck is just only the iron. The boat is always used in the sea. If you use the concrete to make it, within a short time, it will be ok. However, when the time is long enough, the concrete must be broken by the water in the sea. So, the materials are just appeal to the deck floor roll forming machine accessories. It can not be dealt with by other roll forming machine.

2. Second, let me talk about the size. If you see a roof only, you may think that it is big enough. But then if you compared it with a deck of a boat, you will think the thought of you is ridiculous. Let me tell you a simple plus. The size of a deck from a normal boat is the result of the addition of several roofs. In other words, the process of building a deck of a boat can take a lot of time. So, this needs the roll forming machine that has enough ability to do such heavy work. Now that the deck floor roll forming machine is designed just for the building of the deck floor, I believe that the deck floor roll forming machine accessories have the enough ability to do that heavy job. And, by the way, if you use the roof panel roll forming machine to do the deck floor work, you may break the machine. Also, even if you finish the job by this way, there must have initial danger in the boat. So, from this point, you can not use the roof panel roll forming machine to replay the deck floor forming machine.

In general, the deck floor roll forming machine accessories are just designed for the deck floor building. You can not use it for others as well.

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