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Ladder Type cable tray forming Machine

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Ladder Type cable tray forming Machine

Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd is an industry leader in manufacturing roll forming machines. As a pioneer, we certainly provide better pre-sales and after-sales service to our clients. We also offer customize service to our clients. Our team has the manufacturing and designing experience for over 10 years. We can meet all requirements of our clients.
As for the Ladder Type cable tray roll forming machine of our company, it has the advantage of easy operation and high efficiency. We adopt advance technology in manufacturing and designing this roll forming machine. The workers do not need any extra training for operate this machine. And the productivity is really high.

Properties and Features:
1. Easy operation
2. Accurate design
3. High efficiency
4. Competitive price
5. Multifunctional

This Ladder Type cable tray forming Machine is mainly made up of:

1. De-coiler  
2. Feeing guiding device  
3. Leveling device  
4. Servo feeder device  
5. Punching machine  
6. Roll forming machine  
7. Cutting device  
8. Computer control box
9. Product stand tables

Applications of the Ladder Type cable tray forming Machine:
Just as all other roll forming machines, the Ladder Type cable tray forming Machine also has extensive uses. It can manufacture ladders of different sizes and shapes out of steel. It can be used in building industry as well as agricultural industry.

1. Forming speed: 10~15m/min
2. Forming structure: Wall plate
3. Roller material: GCR12
4. Motor power: 11kw*2sets
5. Motor brand: SIEMENS
6. Hydraulic station power: 11kw
7. Transmission type: worm gear box
8. Dimension: 16.5m*1.35m*1.35m
9. Voltage: 380v/50hz/3phase

Using Tips:
1. After everything is in order, the workers can install the mold. When installing the mold, the electricity should be off
2. Before the first use of the machine, a test run is very important.


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