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Steel Silo Stiffener Roll Forming Line

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Steel Silo Stiffener Roll Forming Line

As one of the pioneers of the roll forming industry, Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd always try our best to provide the best roll forming machines and services to our clients. We have established partnership with corporations all over the world. We have exported our roll forming machines to the five continents.
And this Steel Silo Roof Roll Forming Line is a very popular product of our company. It has great popularity among the clients. Steel Silo Stiffener Roll Forming Line is a main component of steel silo roll forming line. The stiffeners are interconnected through overlapping joint for small steel silos, while stiffeners are interconnected through butt joint and then fastened with connecting plate for large and high steel silos.

Properties and Features:
1. Long lifespan.
2. Reasonable price. We provide best service and numerous solutions with reasonable price.
3. Perfect performance. This Steel Silo Roof Roll Forming Line really is a perfect roll forming line. It works better than others.
4. Great efficiency. The production capacity of this roll forming line is much higher.
5. Negligible maintenance cost. Though it still needs regular maintenance, but the cost of the maintenance id really low.
6. Easy to transport.

The Steel Silo Roof Roll Forming Line is mainly consisted of several systems.
1. De-coiler
2. Roll forming machine
3. Punching system
4. Collection system
5. Electric control system


1. Feeding width             About 310-500mm
2. Material                  Galvanized sheet or carbon steel
3. Thickness                2.0mm-6.0mm
4. Main motor power        55kW
5. Hydraulic station power     55kW
6. Roller material              Bearing steel with heat treatment
7. Forming stations              13 stations    
8. Forming speed              1-2 pieces/minute
9. Whole line size            31m×4m×2.6m
10. Total weight               70T

Using Tips:
1. The workers should wear the safety glasses and safety helmet while operating the Steel Silo Roof Roll Forming Line.
2. Regular maintenance is needed for long-term use of the Steel Silo Roof Roll Forming Line.

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