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Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine

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Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine

Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine is a kind of Racking Roll Forming Machine, which can also be called as shelf roll forming machine. This machine is used in places like plants, warehouses, locomotive sheds, aircraft hangars and gymnasiums.
As a leading character of the roll forming machine manufacturers, Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd provides the finest products to our client. We can also provide customize design service for our clients. Up till now, we have established partnership with companies from America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and other regions.

Properties and Features:
1. Multifunctional. Aside from the wide range of applications of the machine, the Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine can be designed according to the client's requirements.
2. Best service. We have professional design and manufacturing teams with 10years'working experience.
3. High efficiency.
4. Great performance.
5. Easy for transportation.
6. Cassette-Quick change.

1. Automatic de-coiler
2. Guiding device
3. Leveling and feeding device
4. Punching unit
5. Roll forming machine
6. Flying saw cutting system
7. Run-out table
8. Electronic control system
9. Hydraulic system

Applications of the Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine:
The products of the Rack Upright roll forming machines can be widely used. We can always see its application in factories, warehouses, make shift houses, plants and so forth.

1. Raw Material Type: hot rolled steel/GI
2. Raw Material Thickness: 1 mm to 3 mm
3. Roll Forming Speed: 8 m/min
4. Power of Roll Forming: 22KW
5. Gearbox transmission

Using Tips:
1. If the clients want to process special material, tests must be done before finalization.
2. Different thickness of the raw material can cause the different forming dimension tolerance of the products.

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