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Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine

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Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine

Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd is a corporation specialized in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of roll forming machines. So far, our products have already been exported into five continents. We always provide our clients the best pre-sales and after-sales service.

Properties and Features:
1. Easy to operation. With the computer control system inside the machine, the operation becomes easy and comfortable for the workers.
2. Competitive price. The low cost of the Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine, compared with other ones, is a great advantage.
3. Great performance.
4. Easy transportation. Easy transportation means lower transport charge and lower human cost.

Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine is consisted of the following parts.
1. De-coiler
2. Guiding device
3. Leveling device
6. Roll forming machine
7. Cutting device
8. Computer control box
9. Product stand tables

Applications of the Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine:
The products of the Rack Box Beam Roll Forming Machine is very good support for rack shelf system.

1. Forming speed: 10~15m/min
2. Forming stations: 15stations
3. Forming structure: guiding column
4. Roller material: GCR15 bearing steel
5. Motor power: 11kw
6. Motor brand: SIEMENS
7. Hydraulic station power: 11kw
8. Transmission type: gearbox/Chain
9. Voltage: 380v/ 50 Hz / 3phase

Using Tips:
1. The operation of the Rack Box Beam roll forming machine should be in strict accordance with the instructions.
2. Do not forget to wear the safety glasses and safety helmet while operating the machine.


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