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Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine

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Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine

Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd is a corporation specializing in manufacturing and designing different Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machines. We can also design and manufacture as per the client's request.
This Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine has been exported to many other countries, such as America, English, Singapore, Australia and India. This high popularity of this machine is due to its\ advantages. This Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine has better quality with lower price. Also the energy consumed by this machine is lower compared to other machines.

Properties and Features:
High quality. We adopt this roll forming machine with latest technology.
Lower cost. The purchase cost and the maintenance cost of the Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine are both low.
Low failure rate. Our Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machines seldom fail.
Low energy consumption. This Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine consumes less energy than other purlin roll forming machine. Trouble free after sales service.

1. De-coiler
2. Feeding and leveling part
3. Main roll forming machine
4. Hydraulic cutting
5. Run-out table
6. PLC Control Box

Applications of the Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine:
The products of the Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine can be used in many areas. We can always see this Sigma shape Omega shape or W shape Purlins in the building structure.

Suitable material: galvanized steel sheet
Thickness: 1-2 mm
Forming Speed: about 10m/min (excluding in cutting time)
Power Requirement Main motor power: About18.5Kw (Depend on final design)
Hydraulic station power: About 5.5Kw (Depend on final design)
Max. Capacity of Single-head de-coiler: 3000kgs
Control system Panasonic PLC and converter

Using Tips:
Never forget to wear the safety glasses and helmet during operation.
The workers should be aware of the right operation order of this Sigma/Omega/W roll forming machine. Any incorrect operation may cause damage.


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