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Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine

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Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine

Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine has a great popularity within the clients. More and more clients are using the Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine now. Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd, the best roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier all over the world, provides the best products to the clients. Up to now, Shanghai Wright Bros Technology has already exported the roll forming machines to America, South America, Europe, South and East Asia and Mideast.

The Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine of our company is applied with the latest technology. It saves more energy than other roll forming machines, and it is a green machine, generate lower pollution compared to others. All these benefits of the Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine makes it extremely popular domestic and overseas.

Perforated Metal Mesh Antiskid plate /pedal plate
1. Stainless steel
2. Anti-skidding
3. Stamping
4. Pedal plate
Machine Components
1. uncoiler
2. Punching device
3. Main roll forming machine
4. Hydraulic Cutting device
5. Control box
6. Hydraulic station
7. Output table

Technological Process
Uncoiler—Feeding—Leveling—Punching—Roll forming—cutting—Output table

Technical parameter
Plate Material: Galvanized plate
Thickness of the plate: 2-3.0mm
Transmission chain: 2’’
Reducer: 11kw
Seam type semi-mat
Roller material: Gcr15 with quenched treatment 58-62°C
Diameter of shaft: 80mm, 45# steel
Hydraulic pump power: 7.5KW
PLC control system with inverter
Dimensions of major structure: 7600mm (L)*1000mm (W)*1200mm (H)
Working Speed: 8-12m/min

Applications of the Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine:
The pedal plates which produced by Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine is a perfect choice for stairs, bridge frame and building frame. These products have also been widely used in supermarkets, shops and other places.

Using Tips:
1. Workers should wear the safety glasses and safety helmet while operating the Pedal Plate roll forming machine for their own safety.
2. Before using of the Pedal Plate Roll Forming Machine for the first time, we should make certain that the machine is installed correctly.

Finished products pics for reference

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