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Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine

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Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine

Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine is a new variation of the roll forming machine. By the effort of the dedicated designer of our design team, the Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd is now capable of manufacturing Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine, one of the most popular roll forming machines all around the world. Since the establishment of our company, offer good value to the clients is always our first working priority. We promise to supply the best roll forming machines with competitive price and best after-sales service.
The Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine is a very thoughtful product. Keep our valuable things such as contracts, in the rooms built by fire damper panels. Then these things can be safe from fire. The Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine has the advantage of easy installation and easy transportation as well.

Properties and Features:
Good quality
High efficiency
Great performance
Energy saving
Easy to install

This extraordinary roll form machine has several components.
1. De-coiler
2. Feeding guide device
3. Punching device
4. Roll forming part
5. Cutting system
6. Bending
7. Electric control system

Applications of the Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine:
The products of the Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine have a very unique feature, fire-proof. So these products are perfect material for making the shelves for supermarkets and ventilating fans. It can also be used as the material of ceilings and walls of a warehouse.

Material type: galvanized sheet, strip steel, etc.
Thickness of material sheet: 0.8-1.5mm
Drive type: Gearbox/Chain driven
Electric control system: PLC variable frequency control

Using Tips:
Ensure that the Fire Damper Roll Forming Machine is correctly installed before using. And the instruction manual is always helpful.
The door and covers of the machine should be closed to avoid amassing dirt.

Finished products pics for reference


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