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Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine

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Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine

Round Downspout is commonly used in our daily life. We can see them in every corner of the street. So the demand of the Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine of the Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine.
Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd, the pioneer in this field, has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of roll forming machines for over 10years. This Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine has many advantages, such as great performance, high efficiency and longer lifespan. Advantages lead to great popularity.

Properties and Features:
Great performance. As a downspout, the Round Downspout can fully accomplish its mission.
Competitive price. The cost of the Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine is not very high.
High efficiency. The production capacity of the Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine is very high.
Longer lifespan. The service life of this machine can reach up to 5 years or more.
Wide range of applications. The products of this Rain Gutter Downspout Roll Forming Machine can be used in many occasions.

The major components of this roll forming machine:
1. De-coiler
2. Roll forming system
3. Cutting equipment
4. Hydraulic system
5. PLC control system
6. Run out table

Applications of the Round Downspout Roll Forming Machine:
This round downspout has a wide range of applications. It can be used as the running piping for delivering water, gas and solid.

Suitable Raw Material: colored steel sheet
Main motor Power: 7.5KW
Hydraulic Cutting Power: 4KW
Forming Speed: 8-10m/min
Number of Roll Stand: 20
Control System: PLC
Material of Cutting Die: Cr12 mold steel with quench treatment

Using Tips:
1. The workers should operate the machines in strict accordance with the operation instructions.
2. In order to maintain the good performance of the machine, the workers should check the machine regularly.

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