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Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line


Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is a good choice for many of its advantages, like cost-effective, flexible size, high quality and good performance. The main function of the production line is to make the sandwich panel with color sheet and ensure the discontinuous polyurethane core.

The panels can be produced in a faster way by using the production line, in comparison with traditional sandwich panel production line. And the average distribution foam of the panels is better than traditional panels.


Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line consists of uncoiler, roll forming machine, cutter, laminator, PLC computer control.

A. Roll forming machine

B. Laminator machine

C. Aluminum edge mold

D. High pressure PU forming machine

Working Process (2+2)
The main components of the laminator are press and rail stands. There are two worktables that can move into the press while the other two worktables still stay on the rail stands. Then, seam after you put both the top and the bottom sheets inside the mould frames. Then, feed the worktables into press.

The other 2 feed in when the worktables inside of the press move out orderly. The press will close and slant at an angle to wait for injecting PU raw materials of the PU mixing head into different panels when it is near the finish of the feeding process.

At the same time, the materials start foaming and curing and the mould frames on worktables will be moved out for taking out the end products. Then, another production cycle starts…


Light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation. The production line is easy to install and operated, low noise with high efficiency.
This production line has good mechanical properties and it can ensure the fast curing in the high temperature and can ensure the high production efficiency.


The length of the PU sandwich panel can be 6-12m, and the width can be adjusted to less than 1.2m. The thickness is different from 50 to 250mm.
Speed of Production line: 8m/min(frequency conversion to adjust speed)
Stable Operating Temperature:-40to+50(°c)
Core Density (Kg/m2):40-42

User Guide:

1. Before the power supply, ensure the general power switch is installed properly. Do not apply the power switch into other electric equipment except for the PU sandwich panel production line.
2. Use the travelling crane for the PU sandwich production line

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