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Z-Lock Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Z-Lock Sandwich Panel Production Line

Z-lock sandwich panel production line is one of the most popular sandwich panel production lines in the international market. It can be used to produce roofing sandwich panels and wall sandwich panels in EPS panels and Rockwool strips and so forth. It is also the good solution for waterproof panel and panels with beautiful design.

Our sandwich panel laminating machine uses rectangular steel welding method to treat rust and aging problems. The laminator also can cut the panel automatically according to the pre-set panel length. By adopting the worm-worm gear transmission system, the sandwich panel laminating machine can ensure stable lamination speed.

EPS panels, mineral wool panels are the core materials for the Z-lock sandwich panel.

Z-lock sandwich panel production line is composed of roll forming machine and colored steel sandwich panel laminator. Roll forming machine and the laminating machine can work separately. Z-lock sandwich panel production line is comprised of uncoiler, roll form machine">roll form machine, laminating machine, band saw cutting device, auto stacker, wrapping system. The main parts of the laminating machine are EPS lock, shallow wave, extruding system, heating and pressurizing system, sandwich, flat curling, edge rolling, edge-turnover, edge-trimming equipment, automatic plastic film coating machine, automatic cutter and so forth.

A. De-coiler

B. Roll forming machine

C. Laminating machine

D. Band Saw

E. Auto stacker

F. Wrapping system

We provide custom service for global consumers. And the following parameters are the common parameters of our production line.

Production Capacity of the Production Line: different from 5m/min to 7m/min
Total Length: 60m
Net Weight: 30 tons
Total Power Supply: 60kw
Panel thickness: 50-250mm

Applications of our Z-lock sandwich panel production line cover central air conditioning rooms, building wall material, cold storage conditions, chemical tanks and other fields.

Using Tips:
Density of rock sandwich panel: >100kg/m3
Density of glass wool sandwich panel: >60kg/m3
The length of each piece of sandwich panel is more than 3 meters
When using such production line to produce sandwich panel, ensure that the materials and specifications of the panel should meet the standard of the GB/T23932-2009
12 operators will be required to keep normal production daily

EPS / Mineral wool sandwich panel sample show

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