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EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

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EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing EPS sandwich panel production line. We professionally offer EPS sandwich panel production line for global consumers. The machine is popular among consumers for many of its advantages, like high load-bearing, heat preserving, fireproofing, waterproofing and so forth. It is also easy to install, and use. It also can help reduce your cost in building sites. Light-weight is also an advantage of the production line.

We adopt the latest manufacturing technology to produce our product and all the products have longer lifespan and excellent performance. We also have professional and powerful team with more than 10 year’s design and manufacture experience. We provide excellent after-sale service and technical solutions to all our clients. Our international market covers East Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, South and East Asia, South America and South Africa.

Properties and Features:
1. Customized panel lengths are available. The length of the EPS sandwich panel production line can be cut according to the different construction requirements.
2. Longer lifespan. The lifespan of the production line can reach up to 5 years or more.
3. High precision, can meet the GB/T23932-2009 standard
4. Perfect performance
5. Easy to package and transport

EPS sandwich panel production line is composed of different parts to accomplish its task actually. The components include synchronous motor controller, uncoiler, roll forming machines, feeder, laminating machine, transmission rack, Cutting machine and so forth.

A. De-coiler

B. Laminating machine

C. Cutting machine

Sandwich Panel Types:
EPS sandwich panel production line can be used to manufacture two different kinds of sandwich panels, roof panel and wall panel. There are many advantages of the sandwich panel, like beautiful and fashion design, heat preservation, fire resistance and so forth, so it can be applied to many applications.

Application of Sandwich Panel:
Sandwich panel is an ideal choice for construction and decoration. It can be used for supermarkets, warehouse, plants, long-span roofs, air conditioning rooms and many other places and so forth.

1. Sandwich panel producing speed is different from 2.5m to 6m per minute
2. The roll forming machine adopts gear reducing working under 5.5KW power. The direct producing speed of the roll forming machine is 8m per minute. Thanks to the stepless frequency conversion technology, the producing speed of this kind of roll forming machine can be controlled optionally.
3. Gear reducer working power of the laminating machine is under 2.2KW and the production speed can be adjustable with the use of the stepless frequency converter.
4. The EPS sandwich panel production line with stepless speed regulation is controlled by synchronous motor controller.

Using Tips:
1. Ensure that you have installed the general power switch before the EPS sandwich panel production line is powered on.  What’s more, do not apply this power switch to any other machines except for the laminating machine.  Ensure the power switch can be used to cut off all power sources and posses enough capacity.
2. Pay attention to the voltage of the feed circuit since overlarge fluctuation may cause abnormal operation of the machine.
3. For hoisting, you can choose both floor-type crane and travelling crane. But ensure to assemble the production line within the working range of the crane you choose. Ensure that the one-time hoisting weight is less than 5000kg.


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