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EPS/Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

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EPS/Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS/Mineral wool (Rock wool) sandwich panel production line is one of our popular products among our global consumers. We have professional working teams and advanced manufacturing technology. Our sandwich panel production line comes with good performance and long lifespan.  We provide custom service for consumers from all over the world, and now our international market mainly covers East Europe, Middle East, South and West Asia, Africa. High quality and competitive price have helped us get higher and higher reputation among our clients. If you have any requirement on EPS/Mineral wool sandwich panel production line, you are advised to contact us and we will try our best to give you a satisfying solution or service.

There are common products available and we also provide custom service to satisfy different kinds of requirements of our different clients. As to the customized service, we will produce all our EPS/Mineral wool (Rock wool) sandwich panel production line in accordance with the special needs of our clients to give you a perfect solution.

This kind of production line is composed of some different machine actually, like roll forming machine, laminating machine, feeder and so forth. The production line has long lifespan and you can use it to make rock panel, glass wool panel, roof panel … and you can cut the panels into different lengths according to your different kinds of requirements. The length can be cut with high precision.

We provide quality assurance since our products have met the GB/T23932-2009 standard. It is also easy to be operated and repaired. To realize continuous automatic control of entire machine set, we adopt the latest fixed-length counting device. Highly precise length counting can ensure the excellent performance when cutting the panel.

1. Uncoiler
It is also called uncoiling machine, steel uncoiler or steel decoiler. The function of the uncoiler is to unwind the coiled steel, the weight of which should not be over five tons. The maximum diameter of the applicable coiled steel is 1500 mm. There is no driving force of the uncoiler itself and it just uses the tension that comes from roll forming machine to unwind the coiled steel.

2. Roll Forming Machine
The roll forming machine is composed of base, stand and roll forming unit.  Our roll forming machine can be customized made and can be used for sheet of different width and thickness. It can be used for fabricating corrugated sandwich panel for roof and wall according to specific requirements.

3. Cutting Machine
This kind of saw is mainly used to cut the panel into precise lengths to produce batch quantities of cut-to length products. Thanks to the synchronous controller controlling machine stand, it can cut the panel precisely in a stationary state.

4. Laminating Machine
The laminating machine can be used to make plat panel, and corrugated panel with different internal stand height requirements. To ensure the tension balance, our laminating machine is coupled with uncoiler and clutch disk for braking.

There are different kinds of panels, like Z-lock wall panel, Z-lock roof panel, hidden wall panel and so forth.

1. The working power of the gear reducer of the roll form machine">roll form machine for corrugated roof panel is less than 5.5KW. The common production speed of the roll forming machine is 5.5m per minute. Now, the speed can be controlled since we adopt the advanced stepless frequency converter.
2. Gear reducer working power of laminating machine is less than 2.2KW. The production speed can be adjustable because of the application of the stelpless frequency converter.
3. Producing speed of the production line is 2.5m to 6m per minute.

EPS/Mineral wool (Rock wool) sandwich panel production line has wide applications:
1. Plants
2. Large-scale warehouses
3. Supermarkets
4. Long-pan roofs
5. Refrigeration houses, conditioning rooms
6. Communication base stations


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