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Double layer roll forming machine

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Double layer roll forming machine

This double layer roll forming machine is a new product of our company. Shanghai Wright Bros Technology Co., Ltd, as one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing roll forming machines, we promise to supply the best roll forming machine to our clients. This double layer roll forming machine is one of the best. This roll forming machine can produce double layer steel sheets smooth and beautiful, without any scratch on the surface. Also it can process two different metals without any change to the roller. Also this machine has better performance that is the reason for its great popularity. Up till now, shanghai has already exported our products to the markets all over the world.

Properties and Features:
Better performance. The great popularity of this machine is due to its great performance.
Competitive price. We always provide our customers the products with competitive price.
Great efficiency. This machine has great capabilities.
Low maintenance cost. The maintenance of this machine does not cost much. And the price of the fittings is inexpensive as well.

This Double Layer Roll Forming Machine is made up of the following parts:
1. un-coiler
2. Roll forming main machine
3. Hydraulic cutting system
4. control system with PLC

Application of Double Layer Roll Forming Machine:
The products of the double layer roll forming machine can be widely used in construction and building industry. This product is a perfect material for making roofs and walls, which can be used in many factories and warehouses.

Sheet thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.8 mm
Forming speed: 10-15 m / per minute
Roller shaft dias:     φ75 mm
Roller stations:     15 ~ 25
Single head un-coiler:     5 Ton

Using tips:
1. The operation of the double layer roll form machine should be in the correct way. Any incorrect operation will cause damage to the machine.
2. The workers should wear safety glasses and safety helmet for their own safety during the operation.

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